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National Culture Collection for Pathogens

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Main Work

Biological Resource Center
  • Collection, receipt of deposits, analysis, and evaluation of pathogen resources
  • Management, utilization, and distribution of pathogen resources
  • Research and development for Pathogen Resources
  • Analyze, evaluate and provide information about pathogen resources
  • Support foundation creation for resource utilization
Biological Resource Center
  • Support for establishing and implementing comprehensive pathogen resource management plans
  • Survey on Status of Domestic Pathogen Resources
  • Approval/report, Revocation for Outbound Transfer and Other Relevant Matters
  • Permission to Acquire Pathogen Resources for Foreigners and Other Relevant Matters
  • Management of specialized pathogen resource banks
  • Safety Management of Pathogen Resources and Other Relevant Matters
  • Support for promoting technology development and utilization of pathogen resources
  • Establishment and operation of Pathogen Resource Information System for Agency concernd
  • Fostering of Specialists
  • Reporting Access processing for domestic genetic resources (Article 9 of the Genetic Resources Act)
  • Support foundation creation for resource utilization